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surina piyadasa

executive coach. speaker trainer. actor. optimist.
Surina Piyadasa Executive Coach & Speaker Trainer


Growing up, my family didn’t have much in the way of toys, but around a worn wooden kitchen table, our imagination would take flight. On foggy Pacifica nights, we invented a new game: weaving stories about strangers we passed by or characters from favorite television shows. We transformed ourselves into these colorful personalities, our voices mimicking their accents. Jerry, the unknown smiling realtor on a magazine cover, became a proud disco dancer. Stacy, the actor who played a cop on the Miami ‘Caribe Force’, became tender Uncle Stacy. We even spun tales about the heroic Cartwright clan saddling up Thoroughbreds on the Ponderosa Ranch. With animated hand gestures to make our stories come alive, our kitchen was transformed into a lively comedy club buzzing with laughter between bites of Mom’s spaghetti spiced with curry powder.

Mom and I would often escape for a matinee at the old Apollo Theater in San Francisco, where we were transported by the magic of Bollywood films. The actresses on the screen, adorned in flowing saris, mesmerized us with their elegance and charisma. Their magnetic performances, infused with emotion, transported us to a realm of wonder, evoking memories of India, where Mom was born and raised.

These fond experiences from childhood ignited a fire within me for storytelling and the performing arts, two passions that continue to burn brightly. 

Today, I’m an executive coach, speaker trainer consultant, and professional actor, with over two decades of experience representing leading brands on-camera. I am thrilled to apply what I have learned as an actor, storyteller, and business leader to help multi-cultural senior executives become dynamic storytellers.

In loving memory of mom, 1974
Mom in loving memory, 1974

design your program

holistic executive coaching works from the inside out for results you can feel and others notice


high-stakes presentation

work with your coach to prepare for a mission-critical speaking event, including a board meeting, Keynote speech, sales presentation, and investor pitch.

day 1 mindset

quiet negative mental chatter, calm stage fright, see the big picture, think like an entrepreneur, and see change as learning opportunities.

executive presence

feel confident in your own skin, show up as a confident leader, build trust with your words, vocal tone, and mannerisms.

leadership branding

define what you want your brand to be known for, identify core values, project brand strengths, dress for career success, and shed distracting behaviors that undermine credibility.

targeted messaging

understand your audience, develop a story outline, design a story map, master business storytelling, create content with help from your coach.

delivery technique

move with energy and confidence, speak in crisp soundbites, and unlock vocal power.

lead without a title

learn how leaders think, understand shifting priorities, see opportunities in change, present a compelling business case, manage negative emotions, read non-verbal cues, and get along with difficult people.

media interviews

deliver your story with confidence and prepare for tough Q&A

raise capital /
sell your company

craft a winning strategy, identify a short list of investors or acquirers, and design a compelling pitch.

post-acquisition integration

align culture with values and branding to bring two companies together with less stress.

Convinced that talent is a gift from God, these four values drive how customers are treated.



Hustle to serve with optimism.


Equip customers with a set of tools they need to reach new leadership heights.


Listen to learn what matters most to customers, partners, and team members.


Persevere when the going gets tough with faith things will get better.

Good communication stimulates thought and inspires action

Dr. O'Neal with Coach after Keynote in Laguna Beach.


Mark Lyon

Creative Director & Film Maker, LYON

Surina brings a rare and wonderful combination of attributes to her projects. She takes obvious pride and pleasure in her work, she earnestly seeks criticism rather than praise, and she takes full responsibility for the project, becoming an indispensable part of the team.


Surina is a motivational speaker who delivers excellent business value! Cisco women leaders invited Surina to kick-off an important event as their featured Keynote speaker. With 200+ registered global participants, Surina delivered a killer talk with rich 'edutainment' value to a packed room.

Roger Biscay

SVP, Global Risk Management and Treasurer, Cisco


I love stepping into character to make global brands come alive in industrial film, commercial television, and print campaigns.

It's a joy and honor to represent amazing brands in commercial television, industrial film, and print projects.

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