executive speaker trainer. leadership coach. actor. optimist.

Hello, I’m Surina Piyadasa.

As a child, I would eagerly accompany my mom to the Apollo Theater in San Francisco, where we would be transported by the magic of Bollywood films. The actresses on the big screen, adorned in flowing saris, mesmerized Mom and me with their elegance and charisma. Their magnetic performances, infused with emotion, transported us to a realm of wonder, evoking memories of India, where Mom was born.

This ignited a burning passion within me for the performing arts and storytelling, two passions that continue to burn brightly. 

Today, I’m a professional actor with two decades of experience representing some of the best loved brands on-camera. I love using what I’ve learned as an actor, storyteller, and business leader to help multi-cultural C-suite executives connect with global audiences in an authentic way.

coaching services


Cultivate big picture thinking to develop resiliency during set-backs.

Executive Presence

Project power, presence, and warmth like a CEO to build authentic connection.


Develop stories that speak to the hearts and minds of any audience.


Present your story with energy and vocal inflection to engage your audience on live and digital stages.


Learn best practices for staying calm, composed, and in control when responding to tough Q&A during media interviews.

"Values are like fingerprints. Nobody's are the same, but you leave 'em all over everything you do." Elvis Presley

Convinced that talent is God-given, the four principles of H-E-L-P guide how I think and act.



Treat customers and partners with respect and dignity.


Equip customers with the tools they need to reach new leadership heights.


Understand what matters most to customers by speaking less and listening more.


Face unexpected challenges with grit and optimism.

Communication has power to sway hearts and stimulate thinking.

Strong leaders
are good communicators.


Mark Lyon

Creative Director & Film Maker, LYON

Surina brings a rare and wonderful combination of attributes to her projects. She takes obvious pride and pleasure in her work, she earnestly seeks criticism rather than praise, and she takes full responsibility for the project, becoming an indispensable part of the team.


Surina is a motivational speaker who delivers excellent business value! Cisco women leaders invited Surina to kick-off an important event as their featured Keynote speaker. With 200+ registered global participants, Surina delivered a killer talk with rich 'edutainment' value to a packed room.

Roger Biscay

SVP, Global Risk Management and Treasurer, Cisco


I love stepping into character to make global brands come alive in industrial film, commercial television, and print campaigns.

customer showcase

I’m honored to represent amazing brands in commercial television, industrial film, and print projects.