Surina Piyadasa
Actor. executive Coach. speaker trainer.

About Me

Hello. I’m Surina Piyadasa and my passion is coaching business leaders and teams to reach new heights as dynamic speakers on live and virtual stages. 

With nearly two decades as a professional working actor, I love applying theatrical training to help customers speak with authenticity and stay in the moment.



Global brands I’ve represented include Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, Nike, Oracle, Schwab and Visa in industrial film, commercial television and global print projects.

As a volunteer Business Advisor to Eden Area Regional Occupational Program (ROP), I enjoy mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs to become leaders of integrity and innovation.


Executive Presence

Project power, presence and warmth to engage diverse audiences.


Let’s work together to develop compelling stories that build audience connection.


Feel calm and confident delivering your story to build trust and engagement with your audience.


Stay relaxed and composed when responding to tough Q&A.


Mark Lyon

Creative Director & Film Maker, LYON

Surina brings a rare and wonderful combination of attributes to her projects. She takes obvious pride and pleasure in her work, she earnestly seeks criticism rather than praise, and she takes full responsibility for the project, becoming an indispensable part of the team.


Surina is a motivational speaker who delivers excellent business value! Cisco women leaders invited Surina to kick-off an important event as their featured Keynote speaker. With 200+ registered global participants, Surina delivered a killer talk with rich 'edutainment' value to a packed room.

Roger Biscay

SVP, Global Risk Management and Treasurer, Cisco


I love to stepping into character to make global brands come alive in industrial film, commercial television and print campaigns.

customer SHOWCASE
for acting projects

I’m honored to represent amazing brands in commercial television, industrial film and print projects.



in God, put Him first, and do things His way.


customers, partners and team members.


clearly, frequently and with transparency to build trust and collaboration.


in the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.


by example and with integrity.

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